Mazda3 Indianapolis IN




Mazda3 Indianapolis INMazda3 Indianapolis IN

The all-new Mazda3 is here to turn your daily drive into an exhilarating experience. The team at Ray Skillman Auto Center is here to put you in the driver’s seat, on your terms.

There’s a certain confidence that comes when you drive a beautiful and powerful car. That’s why every curve of the Mazda3’s design is sculpted to catch the eye. Because when you look good you also feel good behind the wheel. You are about to feel really good. Your Mazda3 is going to make you love your drive. It’s loaded with available next-generation innovations, along with the Mazda3’s legendary driving dynamics.

For Mazda engineers, creating a car that’s sporty, practical and exhilarating wasn’t enough. They wanted to enliven your driving experience from the moment you open the door. To create this new level of connectedness, the center gauge lights up and pulsates like a heartbeat when you enter the cabin. And when you use the push button to start the ignition, the side gauges also illuminate, while the available Active Driving Display rises to greet you. Even the Mazda3 cockpit is built to keep you connected. Designed around a theoretical vanishing point that’s forward-focused, it helps keep your attention on the road ahead. Like you, everything about the Mazda3 is exciting, alive and completely connected.

Does a long, winding road or an empty freeway on a crisp morning matter if your car can’t take advantage of it? Exhilaration has always run in the Mazda family. The Mazda3’s excellent performance and handling is amplified with a precisely tuned 4-wheel independent suspension system and your choice of spirited 2.0-liter or 2.5-liter SKYACTIV-G gasoline engines, with the 2.5-liter offering 184 horsepower. And what good is an exhilarating drive if you’re constantly thinking about the nearest pump? The Mazda3 delivers pulse-quickening performance plus outstanding fuel efficiency. You never have to choose between fun and functional. Helping to make your drive nimble and responsive is the Mazda3’s Electric Power Assist Steering that allows you to feel the road, while Dynamic Stability Control helps your wheels grip the road during quick turns. Precise, powerful and performance-oriented, the Mazda3 proves that more than ever, passion and performance are in its blood.

There is so much to love in the Mazda3 and shoppers all around Indy and beyond should visit now for great information and an expansive selection. You can view all of our amazing new and pre-owned Mazda vehicles online any time. Ray Skillman Auto Center has over 50 years of service satisfying their customers’ needs and look forward to satisfying yours over and over again.