Auto Service

Certified Service for Every Vehicle on the Road in Indianapolis

From Alfa Romeo to Volvo and everything in-between, our squad of skilled service technicians has the training and tools to keep your baby in great condition. When your vehicle needs some TLC, bring it to Ray Skillman Auto Group in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We Take Care of the Basics, and So Much More

Whether your vehicle needs scheduled maintenance or a larger engine repair, you can trust our team of factory-trained and certified technicians. Bring your family’s SUV or your work truck to our Service Department, and our team will work together to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Stay on Top of Scheduled Maintenance

Cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs all have one thing in common. They require regular maintenance. This not only keeps them in tip-top shape, but it also keeps you in good standing with your manufacturer’s warranty. Our service technicians have well-rounded training and the technology to work on any vehicle on the road, including popular Mazda, GMC, and Buick models.

When Something Big Goes Wrong, We’re Here to Help

Modern technology has done wonders to make today’s vehicles more durable and reliable than ever before. But sometimes things go wrong, and your automobile may need extensive engine and transmission work. Bring your car to one of our service departments in Indianapolis, and our certified service techs will use the diagnostic tools at their disposal to efficiently diagnose and repair your Ford, Chevy, or any vehicle you drive.

Your Brakes and Wheels Need Some TLC

No system in your car is as critical to your everyday safety as your brakes and wheels. And no matter how much you baby your vehicle, it’s going to need new brakes and wheel alignment at least once during the time you own it. We frequently offer service specials on brakes and alignment throughout the Ray Skillman Auto Group, so be sure to check our specials page for service discounts on this important service.


Tech Troubles? We Speak Geek

Today’s cars are loaded with technology, from infotainment and navigation systems to safety and driver assistance features. If you encounter a problem with one of these systems, our technicians have the tools and know-how to analyze the problem and come up with a strategy to get you safely back on the road.

We’ll Take Care of Complimentary Maintenance, Too

Ray Skillman Auto Group offers vehicles from several automobile manufacturers. Several of these carmakers offer complimentary maintenance that covers your lease term or the first years of ownership. Bring your Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, or Hyundai to our factory-trained technicians, and we’ll take care of your complimentary scheduled service.

Your Vehicle Deserves the Best Care

Ray Skillman Auto Group offers certified service for every vehicle on the road in Indianapolis. Our technicians are trained in the latest technology and best practices, so they can deliver the highest quality service when you pull into our service bay. Get the care you and your car deserve and schedule your appointment today.