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Order or Reserve a New Car in Indianapolis with Ray Skillman Auto Group


Now more than ever, it can be hard to find the car you want without a lot of research. Ray Skillman Auto Group makes it easier for you to get the vehicle you want by offering an order and reservation system for getting cars that are not currently in our selection.

Our sales team can help you decide on the features you want in your perfect car, and once you’re ready to purchase your new car, we put the order in for you. All that is left is to wait for your new vehicle to arrive.

Why Order or Reserve a Vehicle?

These days, there are fewer new vehicles for sale at dealer locations. This makes it much harder to get a car with everything you want. Ray Skillman Auto Group doesn’t want you to settle for anything less than your perfect car, but there is no way to have vehicles matching every person’s taste.

With this in mind, our dealership offers the ability to order domestic models and to reserve foreign models of vehicles with our well-equipped sales team in our Indianapolis locations. You won’t have to worry about settling for a car you don’t love because we can order or reserve you a car to your exact specifications.

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What You Need to Know About Ordering and Reserving

The most important thing you need to know about ordering or reserving a vehicle with Ray Skillman Auto Group is that you won’t get the car immediately as you would when buying from our regular stock. We will be updating you regularly, though, so you won’t be left wondering what’s going on in the meantime.

Wait time aside, ordering or reserving a car is about customizing a vehicle to your taste. Your focus should be on what kind of car you want to create. Our team will work with you in making your customization choices so that you have help every step of the way.

Much like buying a car from our showroom selection, things like financing options and trade-ins can be discussed at the time of purchase. There’s no need to worry about any changes related to purchasing; you’ll still get the same stellar service and financing assistance that we always guarantee our customers when ordering or reserving a vehicle with us.

Leave the Hard Part to Us

The best part of ordering or reserving a new vehicle with Ray Skillman Auto Group is that we do everything to make the car buying process easier for you! Once you’ve decided what you want in a car to order, our team puts the order in for you and takes care of everything until you’re behind the wheel of your new vehicle. All you have to do is decide what you want and then wait for your new custom-made car to be ready.

Now that you know about ordering and reserving vehicles and how simple the process can be, it’s time to call or visit one of our Indianapolis showrooms to get the car of your dreams today!


Why Buy with Ray Skillman Auto Group?

Our team here at Ray Skillman Auto Group is here to make sure you’re aware of every feature, tip, and maintenance best practice on all of our vehicles, for we take pride in delivering the ultimate shopping experience for you: our customer. Stop by for a visit and see what all the fuss is about!

At Ray Skillman Auto Group, we put the utmost care into giving you the highest-quality customer service out there. We want you to be impressed with how easy it is to get the best car deal in Indianapolis. Your opinion is the one that matters at Ray Skillman Auto Group. It’s what drives our success.


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